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University of Michigan Flint
On a demandé à un Helpdesk Technician...6 juin 2013

How would you react when you are in a bad mood and a customer comes to you and is not talking to you in a good manner?

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I'll be cam and still help the customer but if the customer doesn't gets better i'll call the supervisor and ask him to help the customer. Moins

The answers are self explanatory.

Roll my eyes first, hiss, then swear at the customer.


can you work remotely from home?

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The Employment Solution

How much experience do i have.

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10 years welder

I have 12 years exp in oil and gas project ,maintenance

Reynolds and Reynolds

Hello, would you like to fill in this 1 million question form?

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No, thanks!

It's not just me then. I had a nightmare after UK Mail failed to deliver my Urine and Blood samples for the mandatory pre-interview drug test as requested by their HR for the following day after I passed their initial assessment :) The questions just kept coming and coming! A lot of hoops to jump thru for a £18k job. There wasn't even the courtesy to call me back to see how I got on. No job offer, but I might have hated it, having read these reviews Moins


Are you Ok with having to wok long hours, on holidays, etc.

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I’m ready


What will you do if one of the users in the office can not connect to the internet?

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Forget the Cisco OSI layer model, you need to troubleshoot by starting with eliminating the simple possibilities. Ask the user, if they tried a different website, if they tried a different browser and/or restarted their browser. While you're speaking to them, quickly ping their machine and see if you can reach them. If you can, then it's not a port or switch problem, most likely a software issue or a DNS issue. Maybe they got a virus that disabled their browser or re-directed their DNS. If you can't then you physically check their machine, making sure there is a link light on the NIC port, replace the cable, verify network settings are correct. Moins

In the moment of the interview I could only think of a problem with the cable or the switch port. A few days later, another answer came up to me: it has to be related with Cisco OSI layer model, you have to check every layer to be sure what the problem is. Moins

introduce your self , mpls protocol , bgp , ospf

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yes model answer

introduce your self , mpls protocol , bgp , ospf

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yes model answer

Federal Hill Solutions

Technical Questions. Port Numbers for example.

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Told the port numbers for various protocols


introduce your self , your grade , last experience

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courses and training

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