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Gems Education
On a demandé à un High School Chemistry Teacher...9 mai 2023

How is teaching lower grades different from higher grades?

The Goddard School

What is the common question in interview

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Introduce yourself

Uncommon Schools

How do you respond to feedback?

San Dieguito Union High School District

How do we implement NGSS standards? How do we plan for instruction?

Dipont Education

Describe myself, my career and specially why I wanted to work as teacher in China.

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I just said the thruth. Experience in a new country and the wage was atractive.

Plainfield School District

How would I implement data to instruct students.

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I would analyze the data based on the lastest assessment. I would look for any trends or the lower standards/standards not achieved to drive my instruction forward. On reteach days I would reteach these standards and collect data on them. Moins

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