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On a demandé à un High School English Teacher...29 août 2019

How I would handle a student who was acting up.

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I said I would be aware of the schools policy on discipline prior to starting. That there always has to be a bottom line, like sending them to the principle. I would try and handle it within the classroom if possible and give the student a chance to behave well. Moins

I would try to resolve the issue within the classroom first. I would approach the learner without him or her know and drop down to his or her level of height and ask them in a conversational tone if he or she thought that his or her behaviour was appropriate during lesson time. I would give the learner a warning if the learner persist the next step would be him or her writing lines if the matter escalates I would send the learner to the headmaster. Moins

Firstly, by observing the student to see why he/she is behaving inappropriately in class, depends also on the type of background this student comes from, and being a teen in high school he/she will be faced with numerous challenges. On the other hand discipling a student has to be approached rather differently, yes there are policies placed at various schools but if a student behaves rather aggressively in class especially if its a high school student then other methods like the school counselor can speak to the student about issues that is troubling him/her. Sometimes as teachers we misunderstand a students behavior. With each generation its becoming more challenging dealing with discipline, so the school or district have to find different methods when policies are placed. Moins

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How I felt about moving to another country

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Not a problem. Had lived overseas before

Hazelwood School District

What strategies and steps would I take to reach a student that was resistant to learning the material at hand?

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I would talk individually with the student, asking how we could incorporate his or her own interests and ideas to make the activity or lesson more appealing. Moins

what would a lesson look like if I were to drop by and observe?

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Collaborative learning and technology use should fit somewhere into the answer.

Do you have any preference on who to teach?

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I don't have any preference cause I believe that no matter where I go, I can learn something from it. Moins

Seminole County Public Schools

Q: What makes you clarified? What classroom management techniques would you use? If you could teach any book, what would it be and why?

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Just be honest. They are looking for good hearted people with a passion for teaching. Be sure to share how much thought and consideration you put into this role. Moins

Summit Academy

Do you have experience with special education students?

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Issaquah School District

Also how do you communicate with parents and students but still make it so the student is independent and growing?

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Communicate with parents and see if they believe their child is performing to their highest capability. Give them ways to encourage their child without completely doing all the work for them. Moins

Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

What novel do I desire to teach?

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Why Heights?

Virginia Beach CIty Public Schools

1. What would you do if a student was disruptive during a lesson? 2. How would you adjust curriculum to be inclusive of students with special needs? 3. What kind of warm-up exercises would you assign at the beginning of each class?

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1. I said I would write the disruptive student's name on the board, with one check next to the name. I would remind the student that if he/she gets two more checks, I will send him/her to the Principal's Office. If the student then called me a name or was even more disruptive, I would send him/her to the office immediately, and follow up with a written description of the event. 2. One way to be inclusive is to assign group projects that require 4 or 5 kinds of information -- written, graphic, computer-generated, and a presentation before the class. This naturally provides avenues of achievement for kids who have different talents and limits -- for example, kids with ADD do better with hands-on projects and computer research. Traditional learning style kids enjoy writing assignments and giving speeches or talks before the class. 3. Studies show giving small warm-ups to kids as they come in helps them to settle in and listen. I like to have a few questions on the board, to be copied and answered during class. then they turn these in at end of class. This piques their curiosity about the day's lesson, guides their focus in class to get the answers, and gives me an easily achieved extra grade to boost scores. Moins

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