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Kratikal Academy
On a demandé à un High School Physics Teacher...2 avril 2022

Personal questions and technical questions

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I answered all the details correct with confidence and smartly

Loudoun County Public Schools

What is your teaching philosophy?

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1. When my students face with cases or weird looking happenings in real life of which science(physics) is behind, i would like them to answer it accurately and have a proper science literacy. That will raise their self confidence and they will be in an respected place in a community. 2- solving physics formulaic problems should be taught easier than eaiting chips in front of a movie. Moins

Ghana Education Service

can you teach physics as a subjects to students?

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after studying physics for good four years at the university. i trust i could ipart the knowledge i obtained to students. Moins


What is the forces on an object resting upon a table.

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy

Tell about your classroom management style

Success Academy Charter Schools

What do you think of feedback? What is a time you've been given feedback you didn't agree with, and how did you respond to it? What do you think is the hardest part about teaching? References to discipline in video I watched prior.

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