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On a demandé à un High School English Teacher...29 août 2019

How I would handle a student who was acting up.

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I said I would be aware of the schools policy on discipline prior to starting. That there always has to be a bottom line, like sending them to the principle. I would try and handle it within the classroom if possible and give the student a chance to behave well. Moins

I would try to resolve the issue within the classroom first. I would approach the learner without him or her know and drop down to his or her level of height and ask them in a conversational tone if he or she thought that his or her behaviour was appropriate during lesson time. I would give the learner a warning if the learner persist the next step would be him or her writing lines if the matter escalates I would send the learner to the headmaster. Moins

Firstly, by observing the student to see why he/she is behaving inappropriately in class, depends also on the type of background this student comes from, and being a teen in high school he/she will be faced with numerous challenges. On the other hand discipling a student has to be approached rather differently, yes there are policies placed at various schools but if a student behaves rather aggressively in class especially if its a high school student then other methods like the school counselor can speak to the student about issues that is troubling him/her. Sometimes as teachers we misunderstand a students behavior. With each generation its becoming more challenging dealing with discipline, so the school or district have to find different methods when policies are placed. Moins

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Farr Academy

What would you do if a student started swearing at you during class?

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remind the student that they are using street language not school language and they know the difference Moins

Usually for a student to escalate at that point there has to be some kind of frustration caused by either content or other outside factors. I am not there to get personally offended by the swears, I know they are let out to express the frustration and anger. I would really really try to assess that situation and leave any of my feelings out. I see that you are very angry and upset at this time, and I wouldn't want to add to more to those feelings. Could we please step outside the classroom to have a quick talk? If the students agrees to come in the hallway by the classroom door, I'd ask: "I know you are mad right now. And I really want to help you if I can. What is going on? What are you feeling? Or I apologize if I did anything or contributed to this situation. How can we work through this? What can I do to help you though this? Your input is really important in my classroom. I really need you in class. Can we make it work? Moins

Ascend Public Charter Schools

What do you think went well with your demo lesson?

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I think the structure of the lesson itself went well; (Do Now, Intro to Lesson, Independent Student Work and then Group Work). It was well planned out. Moins

I had a very similar experience. The recruiter was lovely and we interviewed two e on the phone. The 3.5 hr. in person was a different story. It felt like they were just trying to tear me down. They were like hardened icicles in their approach to the interview. It was very militant. No warmth at all. Moins

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

What do you do when a student is disrespectful and/or disrupting your class.

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Teach me a lesson on something. Go. (HR rep)

When a student is disrespectful or disruptive in my class, I remind them of the rules that they agreed to on the first day of class. I tell them which rule they have violated and that they are now subject to the penalty attached to violating that rule. The penalties would range from points deducted from their class participation score to detention. In rare cases, if violence is involved, they would be sent to the principal's office for evaluation. Moins

How I felt about moving to another country

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Not a problem. Had lived overseas before

The Post Oak School

Basic Montesorri school questions

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Just hit on the Montesorri talking points (independent learners and what not).

Hazelwood School District

What strategies and steps would I take to reach a student that was resistant to learning the material at hand?

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I would talk individually with the student, asking how we could incorporate his or her own interests and ideas to make the activity or lesson more appealing. Moins

Tamalpais Union HSD

Why are you the best person for the job.

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I love high school students and love to ensure that they learn. I don't just teach, I make sure students learn. Moins

what would a lesson look like if I were to drop by and observe?

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Collaborative learning and technology use should fit somewhere into the answer.

Spectrum Academy

How would you handle an agitated parent during a parent-teacher conference?

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I will answer this question from my own experience- first of all, I will allow the parent to speak as much as he/she wants and keep making mental note of the major concerns. Once he/she has finished, I would start calmly but firmly starting with... I have listened to your concerns carefully.. while I understand your point of view but I am sure, in the interest of your ward you would like to consider another point of view too. Now I can start addressing each point one by one. In case our conversation reaches a dead end, I would suggest politely that the matter be taken up to a higher level too. Moins

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