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Texas Health and Human Services Commission
On a demandé à un Hospital Liaison...3 février 2016

What is your experience with hospitalized intellectually disabled patients?

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Described my extensive experience.

Apria Healthcare

Discuss a confrontational time you had with a superior.

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I was honest and told them how I felt.

Apria Healthcare

What can you bring to Apria Healthcare?

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I have a passion for healthcare, and I have experience in sales within the hospital as well as retail. I have a firm understanding on insurance processes, and I can explain that with the pt and the account when they send us their next referral. Moins

St. Joseph's Health

Who are you. They are interested in you as a person your likes and dislikes.

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Be honest your not just another face your unique tell them about yourself not what you think they want to hear Moins

ProMedica Senior Care

Experience I possess Ability to speak with high level hospital management

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Tell me a situation where you failed to provide needed care to a client?

US Marine Corps

How prepared are you to work with severely injured patients? Have you thought about the psychological implications of working with these patients?

The Centers for Families and Children

Questions about diagnosis, mock scenario, job experience.

Apria Healthcare

Same basic questions.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS

Team work is one of the values - can you think of a time when you worked well as a team and what was the outcome

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