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Sur 1 à 10 pouvez vous noter votre capacité d'adaptation ?

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La flexibilité et la capacité d’analyse sont des qualités requises pour les métiers RH, 8/10

Les questions sont les questions posées habituellement au cours d'une entretien avec un prédominance sur les expériences dans l'hôtellerie.

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It was basic questions about my education, my work experiences. They check if I had already worked on projects before and if I can work autonomously. What I could bring to the company? What is my weaknesses and strength? Why I am interested in a global company and international environment? I had interview questions in French and in English.

Could you give me an example where someone gave you a task and where you managed to complete it successfully?

Sometimes, we cannot always be successful satisfying one of our client. Could you give me an example of a time where you faced this situation?

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