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On a demandé à un Industrial Engineering Co-Op...8 octobre 2018

If you were a baker and I was to ask you to bake me a cake what would you do?

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I give

Surely I give

Ask lots of questions, ensure you are meet all deliverables.

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A case study on a coffee maker, explaining how it worked.

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I explained it briefly then did an energy balance

SJS Enterprises Pvt.

What do you know about automation?

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Automation is one of the technologies that reduce human intervention in processes Moins


Tell me about your experiences with (last job)

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Recited and expanded on points from resume


Why do you want to work for KHS?

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Fast Paced Environment, excellent company culture.


Do you expect to pursue a master's program before beginning your full-time career?

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Answered this question wrong the first time and had to start the process over the next semester. The correct answer is "absolutely not." Hormel capitalizes on kids with just their bachelors' degrees. Moins

United Airlines

Why are you interested in united?

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I answered by stating my passion for learning and improvement.

Medline Industries

What do you think our biggest cost is?

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Labor and so it probably helps to have a large labor force out of the country for manufacturing purposes. Moins

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Describe a time you had a difficult experience.

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Talk about the experience and what made it difficult for you. Also mention what you would do better. Moins


Why do you want to work at Boeing?

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Global company, huge impact on society

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