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On a demandé à un Industrial Hygienist...4 janvier 2017

What does this agency do?

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The agency works to promote health and safety regulations on the work site for employees, and to prevent accidents and illnesses from job related tasks. Moins

Washington State Department of L & I

There were about eight specific terms where the candidate was to give definitions.

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I knew most, but not all. One such was a 'tertrogen'. I had not encountered the word but have since learned a tertrogen is a compound that can affect an embryo. Later, I posed the question to a recently retired nurse (RN), and she did not know the word. Moins


I do not recall specifically, it was standard interview questions and details about how I handled situations.

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I explained some key project that I had worked on.

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals

Credential and ability to relocate.

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answered briefly and confirmed my readiness to relocate

Phillips 66

"If you saw the CEO of the company performing an unsafe act what would you do?"

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You should have asked him where and who he was recruited by???? Some people need to remember where they they came different than the the rest of us....put there pants on one leg at a time!!!! Moins

Société Générale

how would you rate your core values

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i don't lie and that my time is always used in a timely manner

Enterprise Ventures(Pennsylvania)

What was your experience with doehrs

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Told them about my experience,

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Asked my experience with the DOEHRS IH military database.

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I had experience with several EH&S databases including Command Core System.


Are you willing to travel a lot?

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Washington State Department of L & I

One of the questions was two-part. Such as "describe your experience doing X and give an example of a problem you encountered doing X"

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I gave a concise summary of my experience doing X then went on to describe a problem and my solution to it. One of the committee members must be suffering from some form of dementia as they asked me to state the first part (my experience). Perhaps they weren't paying attention Moins

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