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The Learning Experience
On a demandé à un Infant Lead Teacher...3 mai 2012

What do you consider to be the most important aspect of child care?

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You are changing a child on the changing teacher, you are alone, and you see another child being bit, what do you do?

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Take the child off the changing table and place on the floor, go over to the child who is biting, and remove him/her from the other children, take care of the bitten child's wounds, go back to the child who is needing changed, finish changing and then go talk to the biter in easy to understand words. Moins

What is the changing teacher changing into?

Merryhill Preschool

When can I start

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2 weeks

National Head Start Association

Odd question I thought: How do you feel about changing diapers?

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No problem

Kids ‘R’ Kids

Why do you want to work for Kid's R Kid's?

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I have a lot of family that has children and I love being around them. I'd love the opportunity to be around children and help them grow. Moins

Learning Jungle

oh my gosh lol i is still a good girl

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The Goddard School

Give an example when you had to deal with staff conflicts (or if you were involved in one or no one is going on)?

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Always be supportive but professional if you think someone you don't work directly with is having a hard time. You are there for the students and parents - There is no time for petty issues, it's everyone's place of work, you don't need to be best friends but you do need to treat each other with respect and collaborate with them daily. When teams fall apart, classrooms fall apart. Moins

The Goddard School

In what ways would you introduce children to color based on the learn through play curriculum?

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Baby's learn by associating what they hear from to what they see. The best way to introduce colors is to have some sort of color to color matching game or color sorting game. When the babies match a color or touch a color, its the teachers job to reinforce the color names so the babies can make the cognitive connection. Moins

La Petite Academy

Why do you want to work here?

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I researched the website and saw how long the director had been there, read parent reviews, and read about their accreditation and spoke on those things. Moins

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