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M.C. Dean, Inc.
On a demandé à un Information Assurance Manager...15 avril 2012

Describe the Information System Security Engineering Process as it aligns with the System Engineering process of CMMI?

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I provided the entire life-cycle of ISSE as it aligns with CMMI SE activities as well as all ISO references that supported my description. Moins

US Department of Defense

How you solve management problems or how you inspire others to persevere on a difficult assignment? What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it? When were you most satisfied in your job? Describe a time when you did not get along with a co-worker. What motivates you? Why do you want to work in this industry?

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1. Securely integrate and apply Department/Agency missions, organization, function, 2. policies, and procedures within the enclave. 3. Ensure that protection and detection capabilities are acquired or developed using the 4. IS security engineering approach and are consistent with DoD Component level IA 5. architecture. 6. Ensure IAT Levels I – III, IAM Levels I and II, and anyone with privileged access 7. performing IA functions receive the necessary initial and sustaining IA training and 8. certification(s) to carry out their IA duties. 9. Prepare or oversee the preparation of IA certification and accreditation 10. documentation. 11. Participate in an IS risk assessment during the C&A process. 12. Ensure information ownership responsibilities are established for each DoD IS and 13. implement a role based access scheme. 14. Analyze, develop, approve, and issue enclave IA policies. 15. Evaluate proposals to determine if proposed security solutions effectively address 16. enclave requirements, as detailed in solicitation documents. 17. Identify IT security program implications of new technologies or technology 18. upgrades. 19. Evaluate cost benefit, economic and risk analysis in decision making process. 20. Interpret and/or approve security requirements relative to the capabilities of new 21. information technologies. 22. Interpret patterns of non compliance to determine their impact on levels of risk and/or 23. overall effectiveness of the enclave’s IA program. 24. Analyze identified security strategies and select the best approach or practice for the 25. enclave. 26. Ensure that security related provisions of the system acquisition documents meet all 27. identified security needs. 28. Evaluate and approve development efforts to ensure that baseline security safeguards 29. are appropriately installed. 30. Evaluate the presence and adequacy of security measures proposed or provided in 31. response to requirements contained in acquisition documents. Moins


Would I be comfortable working in a war zone and living in a tent.

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Commercial Bank of Dubai

No questions

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No transparency in this position


Why are you the best candidate for this job?

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What's your criteria?

Serco Group

Initial interview was competency based mainly to draw out cultural fit with some technical questions to verify I understood ERM IT assurance methodologies. However not the usual “tell me about a time when” as through relaxed discussion, was able to provide examples for most. Advice is research the company, ensure you match the role requirements with previous relevant experiences using the values and behaviors they are looking for. The second interview was a chat with Senior Department executive. Again relaxed. Drew on strategy and also hobbies. Whilst relaxed all interviewers were very astute and clearly skilled at drawing out evidence of skills, experience and cultural fit.

Credit One Bank

Have you ever had to put someone on a performance improvement plan?


What type of framework and automation tools that you used?

Thames Water

Can you explain what you can bring to the role? What skills do you have that make you suitable for the role?

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