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On a demandé à un Information Security Program Manager...21 juin 2019

Tell me/us about yourself. How do you like Security? What is your favorite cartoon? Why should we hire you?

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"What is your favorite cartoon?" This must be the same person who asks about tacos..... I'm guessing it is someone young and inexperienced in interviewing skills. Moins


NYU Langone Health

If you had an unlimited budget what controls would you implement?

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Camera’s though out the building not only for security of the building but for the safety of my employees. Education for active shooter and practice these policies. Sexual harassment as well as work place violence. A security monitoring room preferably off premises. Quality Radio’s as there is a lot of dead spots for communication in a building of that size as well as material building construction equipment. Face to face relief. Check point location so you can verify that your security officer have checked all required locations Background checks on all new employees. Periodic drug testing. Can be done by the last 4 of there social security #. There is no place for security officers who are not alert and observant. Moins

I would also make sure the outside of the building is well lit and roving patrol making sure when employees safely leave the building and get to there cars safety Moins

Virginia Information Technolgies Agency

Common behavioral and technical questions for the position.

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Answer based on your behavior and knowledge.

Helvetia Group

Standard basic (and completely useless questions), like what I am doing when I get angry. Test sheet with a very basic problem, like you get an incident ticket, you are 3rd level support, 1st/2nd level found nothing, what do you do?

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Professional answer you will hear on any management seminar. Conflict handling techniques, ITIL based service management approach. Moins

TSG Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

Interview Is more into Infrastructure Security, Network and Application Security. And interview questions are revolving around said topics.

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Interview Is more into Infrastructure Security, Network and Application Security. And interview questions are revolving around said topics. Moins

Community Health Systems

What are the differences between OpEx and CapEx?

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Operational Expenses and Capital Expenditures

Tata Consultancy Services

What is the difference between event and incident.

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Any event that can impact any of the cia element consider as incident

Cognizant Technology Solutions

How would you determine the work force required to run a Vulnerability Assessment program for a customer

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Expectation is you question back asking questions like - What is the scope? how many end points ? Internal only or external scan as well ? Are we supposed to just the scan and provide the report or we need to follow up remediation etc. Moins

Fortress Information Security

Q. How good are you with project management?

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Answered that when in a project management role, I led 20 out of 20 high-profile projects to conclusion ALL on time, and under budget. Moins


Tell me about your past experience that makes you qualified for this position?

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I identified my current education and certifications then i described my experience with each position i have had. Moins

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