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Questions d'entretiens - Inside sales


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Quelles sont vos prétentions salariales ?

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Tell me about your self?

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Give me a example when you had a business won?

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What do you like in our company?

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Qu'est-ce que vous avez compris de FDV Partner ?

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Knowledge about the industry sector, previous sales

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Décrire les expériences passées Validation de domaines de compétences

Q: What's your sales style? Q: Give me an example of hard/dificult selling that you have done successfully Q: Tell me 1 task you feel bad at and you think we should have to ask you to do. Q: What do you like about selling? Q: how do you deal with agressive customers? Q: how do you deal under pressure? Q: have you ever had troubles with your colleagues in your precedents jobs? Q: what challeges do you see in this role Q: what do you know about our competitors? Q: what has been the work you unlike the most and why? Q: what is your purpose in life? Q: How do you see yourself in 5 years? Q: Do you think that you could be a good manager? Q: tell me the most stressful situation that you have to deal with at work? Q: have you always reached your targets?

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