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Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
On a demandé à un Health Inspector...5 octobre 2012

how many colour in malaysia flag.?

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Is this a kindergarden question ? If this is really an interview question, no point working there. Because you have to deal with stupid people with stupid problems on a daily basis. Moins

have 4 colours

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McIntosh Perry

How much are you expecting to get paid at an hourly rate?

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I need to cover the cost of living.


120k /150k

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Receive, review and resend packages.

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They will take your personal information and act as if it was a legitimate job .then have you to receive package and ship them back out for a whole month then disconnect you from dashboard and you will not be paid. Moins

This job is a scam all it will do is take your time away from your family and You Will Not be Paid. Moins

Same thing, I worked for a month, now I'm totally cut off from everything no one even answers the phone. Moins

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MS Companies

Have you ever worked at TGKY Lebanon before?

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No. I have never heard of that company

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How does the company record Non conforming product, how do they dispose of it?

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Why would you waste the Material without trying to fix the problem.. Guarantee Everybody's answer will be, I did but I can't get it to work, but the truth to this question is, it's easier to scrape it and waste the Material than taking a minute to get it to work.. Moins

The answer should be break the non conforming product down rerun the Material

The personnel were afraid to claim that their workstation was the cause for scrap so they would throw it to the side or just push it through to the next operation. Moins

Henrico County, VA

what would you do upon encountering a situation where a cross culvert pipe was right at the required subgrade level?

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After it has been cast, then the edge is given clay and flush the water after staying one night. The goal is not to break. Interview Question Road Construction Inspector InterviewRichmond, VA Moins


Covet with stone and prep forconcrete

Why do you want to join the police?

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Police officers are a vital part of society and their pay reflects it

I want to join police because police is vital part of society. As they directly interact with people. Moins

Your desire to make your community a safer place to live in, and how it has been your dream since your youth. Don’t be afraid to mention the obvious advantages that go along with the job – respect, good fringe benefits, and whatever else has attracted you. Moins

MS Companies

Do you want direct deposit or a card

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Direct deposit

You can do both


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Why we Have insulation Material on Power Cable ?

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For Safety purposes.

I'm applying for the same position, please contact me on dhmee.320 @ gmail .com 0559055950 Moins

Total period please?

MS Companies

Have you ever worked in a factory before?

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Yes. I have 2yrs. 8 months of manufacturing production in welding from Icon Metal Forming LLC. Also have 1 year from previous job(s) in Assembly line production Moins

Yes. I have, 2 yrs. 8 months at Icon Metal Forming LLC Manufacturing, In welding production. Also have over 1 yr. Assembly Line Moins

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