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On a demandé à un Instructional Coach...8 janvier 2020

DO you have experience with toddlers (newborn-2Y/O)

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No, but I do have 6+ years of experience with teaching 3-5Y/O. Still didn't get the job. Moins

yes I do


What is your background and why are you interested in being an Instructional coach?

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We are in a stage of waiting since I wanted a salary range that was higher than they could offer for the position. They told me to call back if I was still interested. I will take that as a positive but I did think for the work it would involve as well as the travel that it was a bit low, $48K-$65K/year was the range offered. I earned more as a teacher and would hope to at least match my pay. But the job was really up the alley of where I want to transition so we'll see!! Moins

Cumberland County School District

How will you handle resistant teachers?

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First never forget what it is like to be in the classroom. You must have buy-in before you can convince a teacher to get on board with any new initiative. Moins

Houston ISD

As an instructional coach, how do you coach and mentor somebody who is a first year teacher versus an experienced teacher?

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The needs of a first-year teacher differ from that of an experienced one. With a first-year teacher, it is essential that they first establish strong classroom management and learn to deliver the content in a manner that properly communicates key learning in a student-centered manner. More experienced teachers usually are strong in classroom management and their delivery, thus they are ready to be coached on how to ask higher order thinking questions and differentiating instruction to meet each student's needs. Moins


With which types of testing are you familiar?

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All of the current ones being used in education.


After watching a short coaching clip I was asked to describe: What did the coach do well, what was the main focus that was being discussed, if I were the coach what would I have done differently.

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I would have reviewed what we previously'd have to see the clip to fully answer this question. Moins


How would you handle a situation where the student has [specific special need]? How would you differentiate the instruction?

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Initially I would closely examine the data available on the student from past assessments, teachers anecdotal notes, and examples of the students work. I would use this data to determine what the students area of weakness or difficulty is and then adapt instruction to cater to those specific weaknesses or difficulties. Moins

City Year

Why do you want to work for City Year?

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Research Company

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

How would you differentiate pd?

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Coaching cylces

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

What professional development have you led ?

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Teaching professional development sessions about tech tools.

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