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On a demandé à un Instruments Engineer...14 février 2016

Are you willing to work anywhere in india?

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Yes. Am willing to.

Yes. Am willing to

Yes ,I am willing

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What's your future plan?

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My plan to reach to Managing Director level on my career.

described my long-short term goal to them.

Industrial Engineering Instruments

How to use resistance at no distortion of signal but its to reduse voltage.

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two resistance in series one in parallel

Because current flow terminal side.. its use all terminal 1st 2nd .. +, - not require.. all terminal are equal.. Moins

Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance

OPEC stands for what?

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Oraganisation of petroleum exporting companies

Hyundai Engineering and Construction

How long experience

1 réponses

7 years experience in HSSE filed

Ali Alghanim & Sons

how many types of instrumnets used in the oil and gas field?

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Many types of intrument ,,,, pressure transmitters, level tranmitters, temperature transmitters, flow transmitters, controll valve , many types of gauges, many types of detectors, and so on. Moins

Global Edge Consultants

How my past experiences related to the job being offered.

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I had already prepared a written summary of my accomplishments with a former company in addition to my resume. I had basically just elaborated on what I had already written down. Moins


Describe your past experience with I&C engineering

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I went over my job responsibilities from the last job

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Have you done any VHDL design or Board Design?

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No I haven't, but I can learn. Apparently, I didn't answer right...


what's difference of RTD & thermocuple

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i can't explain

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