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On a demandé à un Interior Architect...13 août 2019

Do you know Archicad software?

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I know Revit which is also BIM software.


Why I would be not using my privileges and being a permanent senior in he firm and why I opted to go part time?

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Was not too happy with their textbook type designing techniques with nothing innovative or inspiring. More projects taken to just enhance income and each work being just a design with nothing special. My motivation in my work was suffering as I enjoyed doing a good job with more thought. Moins

Are you a person who works with integrity and loyalty?

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This is a question not often asked. Yes, I was brought up to value and appreciate the differences between people, because, I, as an expat brought up in Bahrain, do know the diversity that growing up with other nationalities bring. About loyalty, I believe this is earned, and if the company is worthy of it, of course, I will definitely prove my loyalty to the management. Moins

How soon can you be in Kuwait?

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As soon as I have the visa

Dar Group

how long are you planning on staying in the company

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i told them 2-3 years

Dar Group

Describe any of your previous projects done. What was your role in that and how did you do it?

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Showing my portfolio I had described about the project and exactly my role, i.e., coordination in site with site superior, delivering of all the drawings. Moins

Unitech Builders

why are you asking so much money (whatever you ask they will say its huge ),just come here work have some experience , then we will talk (which will never going to happen ).

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i m not asking much and just to experience your company i cannot sacrifice what i deserve at per market Moins

MAD Designs

Tell us something about yourself?

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Well! About me a part from my resume qualification, I am a travel lover , love to explore things from small to big . I believe in Quality not quantity . Moins

LLI Design

The questions mainly were technical. Such as what would the thickness of the door or the panel is in particular drawing.

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That the thickness is depending on the requirements in the space and as it was a FR door for the residential project it was of 40mm tchickness. Moins

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