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On a demandé à un Interior Design Engineer...3 mai 2020

You have two strings o length 60 m each, which can burn at constant rate of 1m/min . How will measure 45 minutes time.

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I will start burning one string from one end and other from both ends, once other string have burned from both the ends, I will torch second end of first string Moins

Burn string A from both ends, it should last 30 mins, then burn string B from both ends and also from centre, it should last 15 mins. So 30+15=45mins Moins


Only question asked in our now 8 minute call was " How do you handle CONFLICT both inside the firm as well as with the clients? " THIS WAS THE OPENING QUESTION FROM A CREATIVE/ TECHNICAL FIRM? So after I stated I had heard the same first question from another Seattle leading design firm I concluded that coffee and cloud cover make for less than happy work environments in Seattle. Creative, pressure cooker environments are my playground but this is NOT the first question I would ask of my new hires. Total turn off and a super red flag that you will be swimming with nasty sharks in and out of the office. Creativity is not fruitful when the charge is all negative surrounding the teams.

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I think there is an issue with firms that allow their "enfants terrible" to get away with disrespecting and abusing the team members. Same goes with clients who abuse their consultants. If mutual respect is absent then outcome is compromised. Brilliance, creativity, collaboration cannot come from a place of derision or snobbery. Maybe the Steve Jobs of this world sowed the seeds of this behavior but is that a work ethic I need or want to accept? No.Too much of one's creative spirit goes into these kinds of firms to be self flagellating at the hands of malfunctioning office morale. Going to work, sitting in meetings and presenting high dollar concepts amidst hissing and spitting contributors means high attrition and high stress. Business is about relationships and Teague seems to have lost their viewpoint here. Was a Wild Card for me but thought it would be a fun challenge. Nothing FUN about this at all. Moins


What would you do if you had a difficult customer and how would you handle the situation?

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I would try my best to meet them half way to their idea. I would also say, "what could I do for you"? Moins

First try and defuse the difficult situation make the customer gee a ease Talk clearly and slowly. Listen to the customer Moins

Architects In Partnership

What are your career goals?

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Obtain my Bachelors in Interior Design, Masters in Construction Management, become NCIDQ certified, and finally become a registered interior designer. Moins

Why I would be not using my privileges and being a permanent senior in he firm and why I opted to go part time?

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Was not too happy with their textbook type designing techniques with nothing innovative or inspiring. More projects taken to just enhance income and each work being just a design with nothing special. My motivation in my work was suffering as I enjoyed doing a good job with more thought. Moins

CADCO Architects & Engineers

What programs are you proficient in?

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I listed the design/office related programs I am proficient in.

Hirsch Bedner

How do you keep in touch with emerging trends in the Interior Design world?

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I keep in touch with emerging trends through social media and being a member of various interior design organizations. Moins


What is something you are interested in doing in this position?

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Seeing all my options and ranges for what is possible in interior design. I want to work closely with architects and integrate my work with theirs for the best solutions. Moins

Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Have you had any commission based jobs before? How were you able to up sale customers in that job?

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Yes, one. You read the customer. Not everyone is going to be able to be up sold. You listen and read personalities. Sometimes people don't know that there is something better. It's my job to show people things they may not be aware both their benefit and mine. Moins

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