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On a demandé à un Intermediate Accountant...29 juin 2015

What are your strengths?

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My strength is my efficiency and analytic abilities in everything I do.

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Tell me about your employment history.

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Just explained to them about my working experience during school, Uni & my first year out of Uni. Moins


What happened with your XX course and a grade of 65%?

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I answered responding that i) the course's professor wasn't helpful or a strong communicator; ii) the course material was already difficult as is; iii) I had to work extra hard and seek other resources to get by Moins


Why did you apply? Desribe a difficult or confrontational situation at work and how did you deal with it.

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I gave my reasons why I applied, which was mainly that the role seemed like a great learning opportunity. The confrontation question was a little bit tricky, since I had not had too many negative or confrontational situations at work. Moins


Do you have experience with Quickbooks online.

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No, Quickbooks online is not the prefered accouting platform, sage and caseware are more suitable. Moins


tell me about your current job

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very unprofessional. keep changing date and time. very hard to communicate


1) What my experience was 2) What types of engagements I worked on and how big were the clients 3) What were my career goals

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1) 2 years of experience with NTRS, Reviews and tax 2) Small companies 3) To learn audit and grow as a professional I think if you're hungry to grow and learn and have the right attitude, you will succeed. Moins


Q: What was your prior work experience like?

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I described my tasks in general and the related back to why I wanted a different experience Moins


What were my tasks in my previous job; what are my career plans

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Briefly described my tasks, basically I followed my resume and offered more details; short-term and medium-term career plan details; finish school, get a designation and a great place to work Moins

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Please describe what is your day is like for the current job

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