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On a demandé à Private Wealth Management Intern...6 novembre 2010

Tell me about yourself.

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Always structure it as a Present, Past, Future. Tell them who you are now(present), how you got here (past), and what you intend to do in the future (future). Moins


What is PWM?

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Wealth Management for clients with ultra high net worths. More personable and more exclusive. Moins


Name a time where you had to overcome a challenge at your University and past employer?

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Helped manage manufacturing issues by changing employee locations and refining the production schedule. Moins

Bank of America

Why do you want to intern at ML?

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I want to learn as much as possible about finance, etc...

Morgan Stanley

Do you like to read?

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Yes, I read everything from novels to nonfiction and news/current events domestic and international Moins


No difficult questions - just things like "how do you respond to feedback?" With an unrelated question next so no follow up or anything.


What about Private Wealth Management interests you?


How would you try and convince a potential client to invest with you?


Given the choice between having your own management clients and working with a team such as ours which one would you prefer?


Tell me about yourself, why wealth management, weaknesses,

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