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On a demandé à un International Lawyer...21 septembre 2019

Concerned job process and prof skills.

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It is comprehensive matter:-)


Universities I studied at, besides to have the interview in German.

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I gave the information in German.

Cleary Gottlieb

Why Cleary Gottlieb? Why the xxx Law School?

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I chose Cleary because of its collegiality and experience all around the world.

Anderson Merchandisers

Do you know english well?

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Anderson Merchandisers

WILL YOU be in a position to defend the rights of the firm properly?

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yes of courase


Background information (educational and professional)


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Clifford Chance

Reason for choosing this firm


Why do you want to pursue a career in International Arbitration?

Local Russian laws questions, international trading, and private derivatives

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