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Telespazio Germany
On a demandé à un Flight Dynamics Engineer - Mission Analysis...24 mars 2022

Two satellites are orbiting the Earth in a circular orbit; they are rigidly linked by a tether which is always pointing in the radial direction. What happens as soon as the tether is cut?

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The initial motion is circular with angular velocity w0 corresponding to the height of the centre of mass of the two spacecraft. So the satellite above is moving with v_up above the circular velocity for its altitude, while satellite below with v_down below the corresponding circular velocity. As soon as the link is removed, the two satellites are found on their respective apseline (velocity purely transverse), but since v_up > v_circ_up the satellite above is at its perigee, while since v_down < v_circ_down the satellite below is at its apogee. The satellite will move in elliptical orbits which never intersect. Moins

Telespazio Germany

Given the time history of the range and range-rate of a deep-space spacecraft measured by a ground station, sketch a procedure to infer its right ascension and declination.

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The range-rate measure is affected by the GS velocity which produces a Doppler effect, making the range-rate measure oscillate (even if the actual range-rate is constant). The amplitude of the range-rate oscillation is linked to the cosine of the declination (maximum for delta=0, i.e. satellite on Equator), while the right ascension corresponds to that of the GS when the oscillation is null (or +- 90° with respect to the maxima/minima of the oscillation). Moins

Telespazio Germany

Given three vectors, provide a procedure to define the plane passing through their endpoints.

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Take the difference between two couples, then compute the cross product (normal to the plane). One of the three points + this normal vector completely defines the plane. Moins

Telespazio Germany

You know the position of a spacecraft CoM with respect to a ground station, and also the position of a camera in a spacecraft-fixed reference frame. You also know the attitude of the spacecraft. State which operations are needed to compute the camera position in the reference frame of the ground station.

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Composition of a vector rotation (camera relative position rotated in the GS reference frame) and a vector translation (sum camera position with the position of the CoM). Moins


Questions on satellite orbital dynamics, which made sense since that is what the job is.

CS Group

Only using vectorial operations how can you evaluate the minimum distance between two lines in space?


Can you pass from keplerian orbital elements to mean orbital elements knowing just one instantaneous position of the spacecraft?

Capgemini Engineering

How does an aircraft fly?

MetiSpace Technologies

Graph 3 satellites position vs time as they orbit the earth.


Cannot remember exactly but do know it was a behavioral interview process.

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