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National Business Furniture
On a demandé à Inventory Control Specialist...8 août 2012

If you were at a party would you be more of the person standing in the corner or the person in the center of attention.

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I think it depends on what position you are applying for. What does the job require. Moins

There is no wrong answer, but the question is made to get you to discuss what kind of person you are. Many companies are very team driven. So if you say you are the center of attention, mention that you still like to get everyone's input and talk to everyone at the party. Moins

I would be the person in/at the center of attention and not just for all the attention but because I don't drink nor smoke but I do love to have fun and love to dance even if I dance alone. I like to make people feel comfortable and see that I am approachable and that I get along with everyone and not standoffish. Moins

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C&S Wholesale Grocers

Do you have any experience with counting physical inventory ?

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Tell me about yourself?

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Just be honest, talking about your past working experience, why you apply for this job. Moins

i done my contract and i worked in night shift now i want day or afternoon shift ..i have experience in inventory..i will check product quality quantity upc ,sku twice ..if i doubt anything i can’t complete the process and i will inform my inventory manager..i never done process before checking all locations and upc quantity..some time box upper upc and sku is not matching then i will check the products inside upc and sku if it is matching i complete the process otherwise i don’t.thank you Moins

Flanagan Foodservice

Describe a situation where you made a mistake. What did you do to make it right?

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If I had made a mistake then I will ask for apology and if it doesn’t work then I will compensate in a very rare case Moins

first i don’t make mistake because i check the product quality quantity upc twice then if doesn’t match any thing i will not complete the process and tell my seniors for this problem,,anyway i made mistake i will tell my senior for the mistake and make the situation good and do right my mistake and next time i will not take this mistake again ..thank you Moins

Lineage Logistics

Can you stand the cold

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How cold is it?

HD Supply

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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I tend to be rather abrupt if I am interrupted while deeply involved in a task. I know that this is an issue and that I could sometimes hurt a fellow employee's feelings if I came across the wrong way. I also could sound this way on the phone if a call interrupted me thoughts. I recognize this as an issue that I have and it is something that I am trying to overcome. Before answering a co-worker or the telephone if I am interrupted, I stop and make sure that when I begin the conversation the inflection and tone of my voice are friendly and accommodating. Moins

Square Pharmaceuticals

Why is inventory control important for a company?

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By inventory control a company can increase its profitability.

Marine View Beverage

"What happens when your spouse transfers?"

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I explained my loyalty to my family and how it carries over to my professional life Moins

Research Electro-Optics

Describe your experience managing inventory in a manufacturing environment.

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From my resume you can see that I do not have manufacturing experience but I have many years of experience managing high volume inventory transactions and have no doubt that I can adapt to inventory control in a manufacturing environment. Moins

Kensington Park Retirement Community

salary expectation

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asked to reveal salary expectation

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