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On a demandé à un Investment Accountant...7 juillet 2015

Why are you interested in accounting?

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This is something I studied for in college and i think my education is a great compliment Moins

State Street

why you choose state street

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state street is big global company

SEI Archway

Do you have any work experience at an Investment Firm

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Yes, and I also have my MBA

Credit Suisse

Erfahrungen, Ausbildung, Zukunftsvision, Problemlösung, fachtechnische Fragen

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Studium, 6 Jahre Erfahrung in der Finanzbranche. Lösungsorientiertes Handeln, Erfahrung im Projektbereich Moins

Describe a time when you were in a dilemna and how did you solve it?

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I talked about my problem solving skills at other jobs.

BNY Mellon

Do you have any experience in accounting?

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I answered no, however I reiterated what I could bring to the role and how I would apply the skills that I had already gained in my previous positions to this new role. Moins

BNY Mellon

Tell me about yourself?

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Articulate your unique value proposition

Rawlinson & Hunter LLP

What do you know about the firm?

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No. of partners, employees, where their offices are, have a basic understanding of their types of client. Moins


What are my prior experiences with investment accounting, including naming funds, and the type of work performed for them.

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Gave the detailed knowledge of the private equity funds including major players and the level of work performed for them. Moins

Janus Capital

What is your biggest accomplishment at your current job?

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