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Edelman Financial Engines
On a demandé à un Investment Advisor Representative...4 avril 2017

Was compensation adequate?

3 réponses

It was consistent with the market so my decision was more about the job and duties. Moins

How long did it take for offer after your onsite?

A week later I got a call with the offer but there were unique circumstances involved. I think normally it would have been at least a couple of weeks or more Moins

Money Honey Financial Services

About myself

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My name Abbas and I was last year working with indiabulls venture company my work is there documents collection Moins

My self Sayed Abbas and I m living ghatkoper west Mumbai

Royal Bank of Scotland International

How do you feel about the bank?

1 réponses

Not so great given the financial crises but individuals are good people.

IG Wealth Management

desricbe a time you handled the diffcult sitaion

1 réponses

just be prepared for this one

Department for International Trade

Also asked about project management skills

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Once again- keep 4/5 examples ready from your past to show how you dealt with problems in the past. Moins

Department for International Trade

Questions were vague- about showing leadership and coordination skills.

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Just give specific examples from your previous work exp.


Why would I be a good candidate for the company?

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I'm a self motivated go getter that can act and function independently if I have to Moins


Describe a time when you had to convince your boss of a wrong direction they were taking.

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I actually gave an example from two days prior and showed how I carefully corrected my bosses mis-interpretation of an event and how my alternative would accomplish exactly what he wanted in a more effective manner. Moins


Research the company and their products!

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Gave them an example of how I would sell a product from my current employer.

JP Morgan Securities

Able to communicate?

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Displayed interpersonal skills

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