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Nomura Holdings
On a demandé à un Investment Banker...3 octobre 2010

formula wacc

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WACC = Re/(E+D) + (1-Tc)*Rd/(E+D)

The previous answer is kind of confusing, so here is my attempt to clarify: WACC = (E/(E+D+P))*Re + (1-Tc)*(D/(E+D+P))*Rd + (P/(E+D+P))*Rp Where E is the market value of the firm's equity (common stock) D is the market value of the firm's debt P is the market value of the firm's preferred stock (if it has any) Tc is the corporate tax rate, because the interest paid on debt is tax-deductable WACC is also an appropriate rate at which to discount the future cash flows of the firm. Moins

BMO Capital Markets

How do you feel about doing grunt work?

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I said that I was ready to do it-I believe I was asked because of my extensive educational background. Still thought it was a poor question. Moins

Credit Suisse

Warum habe ich mich entschieden, so früh ein Praktikum bei der Credit Suisse zu bekommen? (Ich war 16, als ich dieses Praktikum gemacht habe)

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I want to be ahead of the game. I enjoy investment connected jobs and felt that I was ready. Moins

Moody's Analytics

Tell me the subjects in your last semester? Difference between M&A? DCF CAPM EBIT MUTIPLES FINANCIAL RATIOS THATS IT NOTHING FROM OUTSIDE OF THESE TOPICS

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Just remember all the definations and little bit of formulas.

banco BV

Realizar uma tese de investimentos

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analisei uma empresa do setor de energia

Paulson Investment Company

What are your strengths, weaknesses, do you have knowledge in private equity? Would you be able to pass the series 7 in 3 months? Whats your top quality? If you were to sell someone on a company how would you do it? Whats your favorite aspect of Investment banking?

Paulson Investment Company

Overview of my background, skills, interest in the position

Verity Knowledge Solutions

What if you are not selected, then? You are appearing for CAT this year.. and say if you get through the IIMs next year then will you leave the job?


They didn't ask me any hard questions which is a worrying sign in an interview.

Toussaint Capital Partners

no tough questions at all

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