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I was asked to build a simple LBO model on paper with information the interviewer provided me.

Classic investment banking brainteasers (10 white socks + 10 black socks in a drawer, what's the smallest number of socks you need to take so you are sure to at least have a pair in pitch black?)

What is the impact on the financial statements of an acquisition of a property: 50 in cash and 50 in debt.

Brainteaser: you have a cube made of 10x10x10 smaller cubes. You paint all of the outside of the cube. How many cubes do not have any face painted ?

What do you think about the trend in the industry. How do you build up confidence for your self?

Fit: Pourquoi IB? Pourquoi Houlihan?... Technique: valuation methods, Ajustement de l'Equity Value pour l'EV...

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