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Global Maxfin Investments
On a demandé à un Investment Advisor/Associate - Wealth Management...25 avril 2016

Why do you want to join Global Maxfin? Name a time when you had to embrace a leadership role and how were you successful? Name a time when you encountered an obstacle and how did you overcome? Give me a quick sales pitch on why we should hire you? (asked at the end of the interview)


Would you invest in this company? Which company would you invest in? Tell me about yourself

Goldman Sachs

Why do you want to join goldman?

Hines Interests Limited Partnership

What is your salary aspiration?

Hines Interests Limited Partnership

What did you most like about that particular difficulty?


Name me one of your most difficult situation

Morgan Stanley

What are your short and medium-term career goals?

Bridgewater Associates

The group discussion was for the company to see how open you are to others ideas and thoughts. And how you would react to situations in teams. They are very casual.


What motivates you to be successful?

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