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On a demandé à un Java/J2EE Developer...15 août 2016

Sample exception handling questions like how to handle an exception when there is no catch , what does finally does

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Using throws and throw keyword

Defining Throws keword in the method

HCL Technologies

Spring default scope

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Singleton scope


I'd classify this as the most bizarre and unexpected question which was what are the four tenets of object oriented programming.

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To know the building blocks of OOPS is the key to get a Programming Job. Unless you are seeking a functional programming or UI/UX job. Moins

Encapsulation, Data Abstraction, Polymorphism and Inheritance (and the detail of each). The actual names which escaped me during the interview but they fed me them. Then they wanted me to explain them and it seemed I didn't get them exactly correct because the guy who asked me the question kept interrupting me and correcting me. Seemed like the guy was from the South. Moins


Implement a shopping cart project with multiple business rules.

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Did the project for 4 days

To be honest it is a hard test and very few people pass it. It is not just about getting it ' right', its about how you approach it, interpret it and also follow the guidelines given Moins

Wells Fargo

basic java questions..panel himself not aware of answers

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If I am not wrong, a final variable is not always constant. A blank final variable, if used in two expressions would give you ct exception. 2. Method overloading doesn't happen in parent-child relationship. Method overriding or hiding happens. 3. Class of java.lang.Object can't be derived from Object. Maybe, they misjudged you because they are also like us. To err is human. Dont be so restless Moins

1. I agree to your first point. If you don't assign value to final variable you will get compile time error, which is false as per the interviewer. 2. You can have overloaded method in both parent and child..try once you can see it. 3. My point was every class is directly or indirectly is child of Object class, which was false according to interviewer. Note- it's not about being's about wasting your valuable time for such kind of interview. Moins

Why are you seeking for a new job after 10 years

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It's time to change.


Basic Java Questions

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All oops structure


They asked each Responsibilities I have written in my project.

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Very Well


In the last round , core java questions which is weird?

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You are a core java developer you are good to answer. Some design questions. Anyone to first screen core java and then concentrate on other areas. Believe me its mere waste of one day billing for you, you will never be selected. Moins


When will graduate

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this may

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