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On a demandé à un Junior Information Security Analyst...31 janvier 2017

Will you be able to hold up our values of integrity? Give us an example of when you did.

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There is no cyber security without integrity. I was raised under strict rules, went to private school all my life, I learned from little how to be ethical. And now it's imprinted in me. And I have no problem, actually, I feel joy when I do what's right. For example, I always follow written policies stating I cannot access co-worker's medical records so I just don't. And then I go home, knowing I did what was right. Moins

Integrity is the act of keeping something unaltered or modify by an unauthorized party. It’s one of the core of cybersecurity called CIA trials There is no cybersecurity without integrity. I always follow policies stating I can’t have access to a particular information in our environment , so I just don’t try to get those information. I do what Is said to be done then go home Moins


Why do you want to work here?

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I believe that this could be an amazing start to my cyber security career.


What do you hope to reach for your career?

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I want to become a go-to person for my field. The guy that you want to get on the phone when you have a difficult problem. Moins


Cos'è EthernalBlue e a cosa è collegato?

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Un exploit scritto dalla NSA che sfrutta una vulnerabilità del protocollo SMB. È stato utilizzato circa un mese dopo la scoperta da un gruppo di hacker per diffondere wannacry Moins


Is there anything on the job description that you are familiar with?

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Talked about and listed the responsibilities I was familiar with on their job description. Moins


Are you ok with doing repeated manual tasks?

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Yes I am, because repeated annual task is a way of mastering the thing, like we use to say sometimes ‘doing something again and again is a key to master it’ . So I am cool doing repeated manual task as well as learning new skills by doing new tasks Moins

Infinia ML

Tell us about a time in your life when you had to discuss a technical topic to someone that did not have same amount of technical knowledge as you.

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I gave them an anecdote about a phishing attempt that my grandmother suffered and explaining to her about malicious actors and their intent. Moins


What is your favorite active malware family?

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Described Emotet, but gave older IOCs. Interviewer knew they were old and mentioned such, but accepted the answer. Moins


Ambizioni Percorso accademico Parlare di un hobby (inglese) Lato tecnico: Segmentazione di rete Tipi di firewall VPN Domande generiche sulle reti Pattern di attacchi noti Quante palline da ping pong entrano in un boening pregi e difetti (in inglese)

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Il problema principale sono state le presentazioni in inglese. Penso che sulla domanda particolare l'importante sia stato provare a far vedere le proprie capacità di ragionamento Moins

American Express

What drove you to want to be in the cybersecurity field.

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Protecting others is something that is part of me. Doing a career in cybersecurity allow me to exploit one of my talent which is helping others, many organizations out there are targeted with many attacks nowadays, and for me been part of those to protect those organizations against those threats is something I really enjoyed doing. Making sure that organizations are safe, providing safer environment by fighting against those threat is a more than a passion to me because I do it with a lot of devotion Moins

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