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Topps Company
On a demandé à Junior Graphic Designer...16 octobre 2017

Describe yourself in one word.

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Self starter



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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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In 10 years I see myself as vice President

Having my own architecture practice or in a large firm working as project manager Moins


Tell me about your family

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Good and celebration2020 covid-19 going to end

Huntsman Architectural Group

Why did you leave your last firm?

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Looking for a firm with more structure and time proven project management practices. Moins



What is the difference between design and art?

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To take a course in exterior or interior, landscape, logos, always will be color theory, shapes, lighting. Some cars, and airplane look like animals and bird. Art & Design. Moins

I was the OP for that interview question. I agree that art and design have overlapping principles. However, that’s not what my interviewer was getting at. He wanted me to differentiate between the purpose of art and design. The answer given above would have missed the mark. Moins

Topps Company

Describe times you worked under tight deadlines and how you overcame.

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When deadline had had to be met a well organized checklist must be done, timeline estimate based on past projects Moins

Back when I served in the army, sleep/food/family was always second to completing the deadlines of the mission, no room to cave in when tight situations arise when lives are on the line Moins


What is your ideal role?

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I talked about what I enjoyed doing in design specifications. IE. wireframing and UI. Moins

One of the reasons that they interviewed you anyways, is most likely for a future role. Moins


What challenge were you given by a client, and how did you solve it?

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When I was a freelance illustrator/ graphic designer, I was approached by a client to draw a woman in a suit of armor. That was a huge challenge for me, for not only am I not acquainted with how to draw armor, I also do not know how it works. I solved this major challenge of researching painting techniques and many hours of practice. Moins

Was the interview more formal or informal?

Fabric Innovations

Would you be interested in Creating textile designs for the hospitality Design world instead of the fashion industry?

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Yes, it is essentially the same.

What's your expertise?

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Architectural - Interior design such as New Building , Alt. 1, Alt. 2, Alt.3, New Building both Residential and Commercial , Construction Document Package. Moins

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