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GeoPro Consulting
On a demandé à Junior Environmental Engineer...8 juin 2017

Do you speak Mandarin?

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No, but I speak Cantonese?

GeoPro Consulting

Where did you do school?

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xyz college


Are you able to do fieldwork in extreme weather conditions?


Why do you like hydrogeology?


Asked about general resume questions, why you are a good fit for this role + company, what courses did you take that you would think prepared you for this role etc.

Tetra Tech

1. My experience maintaining scientific instruments. 2. Provide a writing sample.

GeoPro Consulting

He asked about my financial situation where he prefered individuals with no financial burdens so that you are not "motivated by money". He hires young desperate graduates and expects them to work for him "one to two months" with no pay (that it is illegal). His end pay is 35K, which is not a living wage in Richmond Hill. He did not ask me about my skills or abilities, rather, he talked about himself a lot.


Describe one situation where you felt uncomfortable in a work environment.


What is the recent trend of sustaninability?


Tell us about a difficult/stressful situation and how you dealt with it?

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