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On a demandé à un Junior Mechanical Engineer...9 août 2012

What will happen to the boiling point of a liquid under vacuum? Will it rise or decrease?

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it should decrease because of very little pressure. Water should boil more easily up in the mountains due to altitude. Moins

It should decrease, because according to the PVT relationship (e.g. PV=nRT), if pressure decreased, the boiling temperature should also be decreased. Moins

It will increase For example the boiling temperature of water is 100 C at 1 atm And the vacuum pressure is the pressure less than the atmospheric pressure Like if you are at the top of mountain And you need to boil a water but the the pressure at the top of the mountain is grader than the pressure at the surface Then the boiling water will be less than 100C and the pressure is grader than 1 atm In this case the boiling temperature will be grader According to my example it will be grader than 100C My answers according to thermodynamics Table A-4 😉 Moins

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In 5 years where you want to see yourself

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i was working in om platers satara in 2016 to till 2018....2 years experience

i was working in om platers satara in 2016 to 2018.....

First thing is that I am here to learn and if I am having that ability I want to see myself as principal engineer. Moins


They had a bunch of brain teaser type questions like if you are in a lake on a boat with a rock and you throw the rock in the water, what will happen to the water level.

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They don't care about the answer but your logic behind your answer

Remain same as before throwing the rock

This is an interesting read:


3 strengths and an area for improvement

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Strength:- 2D&3D design software, good English language communication , online data entry. Area for improvement:- market survey, sales manager. Moins

Salary expectation

Qatar Engineering & Construction Company

Why did you choose to apply to QCON?

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It is a great privilege for anyone to work for a reputed company like yours. when I read about your company I found that my skills are matching with your requirements, where I can showcase my skills to contribute to the company growth, and your company work atmosphere is quite interesting as well. Moins

I’m interesting

From 1 to 10, what is your skill level with Solidworks?

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I answered 8, but after I started working there I found out there was way much more to learn with this kind of software. I probably knew enough to answer "6". Moins

Pratt & Whitney Canada

Located the bearings and what type are they show the flow path what type of materials would we use here how do you start an engine

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When was the job posting up? I had an interview in early match and have not heard anything back... How long did it take you to reach the in person interview stage? For me it was 3 months after applying and a month after phone interview which in my case was technical as well... Is the job you applied for still up on their website? Moins

Vanderweil Engineers

Why do you think you would be a good fit for the team

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Helped doing research on company's main marketshare and capabilities to answer this one Moins

Robert Bosch

If a supplier was late and you needed the undelivered parts to carry on the project, what would you do?

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Contact the supplier, ask for the expected duration of the delay, warn my project manager and state the details, (possibly) work overtime to make up for lost time. Moins

ABSOLEM engineering

Welke projecten heeft u al volbracht, zowel academisch als professioneel.

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Ik heb mijn ervaringen opgenoemd en op verdere vragen geantwoord

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