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On a demandé à Junior Project Coordinator...28 octobre 2019

what are some of your strengths?

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My scheduling forsite and positive team leadership.


How long do you think you should be at a job for (minimum and maximum time)

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It's situational


Demonstrate how your education and experience fits the job. Demonstrate how did you contribute in a group efforts to complete a task in the past.

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what was the technical test like?


What are some of the major projects you have been working on? What are some of the major challenges you face while working on project? What do you think is the number one skill that any project manager should possess?

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Princes noura university, king abdullah financial district,metro al riyadh, challenges: in princes noura ordering long lead items, install it on time to avoid delay plenty, there is 16 items was quoted from tendering department under the cost, so i have to check within the specification for alternative items within the budgets. regarding skills there is many of them my personal opinion is leadership, risk management, negotiation, personal management Moins


Whats your weakness

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Wanting to be busy all the time


Why do you want to join Luxoft?

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Because I want to pursue my career in project management field in a good company


Why do you want to work here?

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I just listed the positive attributes of the company that drew me there and mentioned how my skills match and could be developed there. Moins


Can you describe a time when you had to multitask?

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I answered this question with the examples of experience that I had and then had to re-answer this question for the next 10 minutes while I was asked the same question in different wording. Moins

The Home Depot

How do you handle difficult people?

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I asked what they meant by difficult people and she explained people who don't like the work you've created and they might not always explain why they don't like it. I'm used to dealing with these situations, so this wasn't an issue for me personally. Moins

John Hancock

Are you a more detailed oriented person or bigger picture?

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More detailed oriented

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