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On a demandé à un Junior Project Manager...28 mars 2016

What are the most important things in project management?

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In project management is important managing and balancing project constrains of scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources and risk. Any project must increase of the business value of the organization. Business value is the value of the project provides the organization through summing the tangible and intangible benefits of doing the project. Moins

The most important thing in project management is the communication and never assume. If you held a good communication golden triangle(time, cost, goal) wont be hard to manage Moins

Meeting schedule, completing under budget and withing quality product.

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Lux Solutions

Do you like to do door to door sales?

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No. I applied for a Jr. Project Management position




Comment répondriez-vous à un client qui refuse d'avoir la fibre par peur des trous dans son installation ?

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Le technicien doit remplacer un câble pré-existant par la fibre et dans des cas exceptionnels, il présentera au client différentes options d'aménagement. Puis lui présenter un récapitulatif du taux de satisfaction de l'installation fibre Orange comparé à ses principaux concurrents. Moins


Question hors contexte, c’est une question posé par des RH sans formation RH.

Hach Company

Questions on job applied for and behavioral questions. Tell me about yourself What are your strengths (with example) and weaknesses (how did you overcome with examples)? What do you know about HACH? Why should we hire you?

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Keep answers consistent

My self indejit sharma . I m from india . I love electronic instruments and i just want to know about all hach produts . Moins

Hello sir my self inderjit sharma . I m from india and i love electronic instruments and i want to more knowledge hach products. Thats why i m tried to for this job. Moins

Save the Children International

How do you manage a project risk?

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By always having a contingency plan. For example, due to movement restrictions as a result of the pandemic, some activities may have to be supervised remotely or research activities conducted through Skype or Zoom. Moins

Tell me more about yourself

Discus Dental

"What would you do with a truckload of oversize tennis balls?"

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I gave 7-8 examples of how the product could be marketed and sold.

It depends on the owner's wish. Does he want to donate and get a tax deduction? Then school would be a good place. Does he want to make a profit? Sell it as a special toy for dogs. I can come up with 10 more ideas. Moins


Since this company dive deep in the e industry, make sure you read up about the industry in general, for example its leader for B2B, B2C, C2C, its potentials and challenges. Also read up about the company and its client/competitors as well.

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Be honest with yourself, try and answer to the best of your ability. It is best to show your train of thought. Moins

I am sabhajit yadav ,want to be your employee


tell me about yourself

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Just make it up. They have no interest.

Dont take it personal. Being unprofessionally ignored is a blessing compared to how the "director" treats the companies employees. There is MAJOR turnover so consider yourself as having dodged a bullet! Moins

Durr Mechanical Construction

What types of piping materials do you have experience with?

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I talked about the piping materials used on various jobs I had worked on.

In 50+ of my experience, I had many job interviews. I also conducted many interviews, and I learned one thing: you have to be absolutely different from the rest of the crowd applying for the same position. You have one chance to make present yourself, in such a way, that the employer will understand, that this might be also last chance to give you an offer, before some one else does :) After interview never analyze, how interview went, what you said, and so on.... Just forget it, and move on, don’t waist your valuable time. Moins

Reynolds and Reynolds

The test itself is really not bad at all, if you are nervous be sure to take the practice test they give you ahead of time.

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There is separation in the preparation, take it seriously.

If one passes the onsite "tests", do they interview the candidate onsite the same day? I was told they'll get back with me in 3-5 business days. Is the latter comment another way of saying I did NOT pass/ game over? Moins

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