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On a demandé à Junior IT Support Specialist With English...9 septembre 2019

Tell me about your self? Why Atos? what will you be doing as a Junior IT Support Specialist?

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My name is Umwana Yollanda, I am from Rwanda in East of Africa , I am 22 years old , and I am a student at University of economy I'm doing international business I'm in my second year and I'm hard working , so ambitious and I enjoy meeting new people I chose Atos firstly I was encouraged by a very close friend of mine working there , she told me alot about the company how you don't only work like you are at work but also it feels like you are working with your family and she told that co-workers are nice as well as managers the place is comfortable and who doesn't want that and secondly I needed a job so I decided to apply I applied for junior IT support basically answering phone calls of clients in need of help , and replying their emails , reporting problems mentioned by our clients Thank you Moins

Hello, my name is Gelila Gizachew, I am originally from east Africa, ethiopia. I am 25 years old currently studying my masters degree as a second year student at wsb university with the field of international business management. I would confidently describe my self as a motivated, systematic and driven person who is focused and takes my job seriously. I came across atos to apply as a junior it support specialist is due to a recommendation I got from my friend who is now working at your company. And she has described your company as an exciting and incredible working environment. That has made me interested and gave me the urge to experience and apply for this job. Lastly for your question about how it is done as a junior it support specialist is basically the job is to assist staff at the front counter In providing quality customer service with great social and communicating skills to help clients in need. Moins


What do you do when a customer calls and you can't help them out or answer?

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You mention that you're honest, you advise the customer that you don't know the answer at this time, but you will call back at a specific time (for example 30 minutes). When you call back you will have the answer. You do all the research that you need to find the answer, without asking for help from other co-workers. You use internal website, Google if it helps and other tools provided to you. Moins


Explain a time when you had to deal with a customer that was upset? What did you do? What steps did you take to resolve the problem the customer was having?

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This is very generic question, just answer something from your past history working with customers. For example: customer called in that they can't access specific information in regards to a recent software purchase that was placed last week. You can ask the customer a series of questions to find out more about the specific information they are looking for in regards to the application/software. Once you have a clear understanding of what the issue is then you can help the customer. Finally, the customer has been provided with the most up to date information and you have reviewed the software / application package with the customer. The customer is happy and no further questions or help is needed. Moins


"Please explain, conceptually and practically, what Microsoft Active Directory does"

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AD stores information about network users, groups and objects on a central server. Moins


I cannot unlock my computer because the password isn't working. What do I check first?

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I check whether I accidentally didn't switch my keyboard to another language.

Saca Technologies

1) Which ports are the following services running off? SSH, Telnet, RDP, FTP, SFTP, etc... 2) Describe Active Directory. How would you change a password in Active Directory? 3) Is a valid IP Address? In person questions 1) Walk me through troubleshooting a printer that won't print

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1) 22, 21, I didn't know what RDP was at the time (3389), 21, 22 2) The password part was pretty vague...I told them I never used AD but I know how to change passwords. They wanted to literally hear "type in the current password, then create a new password and blah blah. 3) No In person 1) Mention checking the printer queue, making sure the printer is in "Devices and Printers", try to ping the printer, print a test page. The environment is based of hosted desktops, so see if you can print locally first, then on the terminal server, etc. Moins


Then comes technical questions based on linux. why we use sudo? cd, cp, cat commands? how to see how many processes are running on machine? types of packages in linux?

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Answered all questions with confidence and correct.


Introduction Job roles and responsibilities

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Helix Electric

What is KVM?

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one to quickly and easily switch between multiple pcs or servers from a single console (keyboard monitor mouse setup) for greater efficiency, management, and both cost and space saving Moins

Redpath Sugar

Do you have experience with WAPs?

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