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On a demandé à un Research Analyst/Trader (Junior)...8 août 2014

Given that the organization is privately held by two publicly traded companies,how you would approach the analysis of parent company financial reports.

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The question is geared to test understanding of business relationships, conflicts of interest and research methodologies (and use of disclaimers). Think about showing your understanding of research steps but always being mindful or perceived conflicts if ratios aren't flattering. Moins

Competencies that Yiu have. Logical puzzles.

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I am trying to explore.

If a string burns in 1 minute and it is not homogeneous, how could you measure 30 seconds?

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Burn the string from both ends ;)

888 Spectate

A lot of risk related questions.

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My response was explaining arbs and margin on horse racing

Black Oak Energy

How do you feel you can help our company, and what type of experience do you have with EXCEL?

Da Vinci Derivatives

Calculate volatility of a stock using python and excel.

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