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Stratos Genomics
On a demandé à un Biotech Laboratory Assistant...5 mars 2015

Do you really 'want' to work 55 hours each week?

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No, this doesn't allow for a good work-life balance.

Yes. To do this caliber of work, yes.

He made it abundantly clear that this was not a ramp-up schedule, and that 55 hours/week was what was expected year round. Again, the position was offering only 34k/year for 55 hours/week and a M.S. in Chemistry in downtown Seattle. The only reason I applied in the first place was because at the time I applied, they did not include the actual compensation package, they just said 'competitive salary', which obviously is a lie. I'm sure they're just trying to sucker in those already living in Seattle and recent graduates from University of Washington, hoping they're desperate. It's unfortunate that the company is doing this, but I wouldn't want to work for them, especially not after the CEO began boasting about his history of firing people. That was as unprofessional as it gets. It's never appropriate to talk about your history of firing people at any point to employees, but during an interview, I was actually disgusted that this was upper management doing something so blatantly unprofessional, and felt good for ending the interview (for the first time ever). I'd have perhaps waved it off, except that I could tell he was being serious. As a result of this, even if I had a different supervisor at this company, I'd be looking for a job elsewhere due to the fact that company politics are always top-down. I still recall that hint from one of the other people working there. "You don't work here for the money". The problem with that, is that most people work exclusively for the money. And $34k/year is barely enough to live on in Seattle. I was expecting at least $40k (if it was just 40 hours/week), but for 55 hours/week, I'd have expected closer to 50k starting. A friend of mine, also a M.S. in Chemistry, is earning about 44-48k/year right now, and is only working 40 hours/week, with the occasional couple hours here and there due to ramp up schedules, but it's not regular. Long story short, don't sell yourself short, or cheap because companies will take advantage of it. This company, sadly, seems to be less reputable in that respect. Look elsewhere. Moins

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How would your friends describe you ?

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Passionate about what I do, and helpful

I enjoy volunteering and helping wherever i can

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

A molar calculation question

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To get molarity we still need to divide moles of solute by volume of solution. But this time we're not given the moles of solute. We have to calculate it from the mass of NaCl. We multiply 2.5 g NaCl by the conversion factor of 1 mole NaCl over the formula weight of NaCl, 58.5 g. Moins

what department was this interview for chemistry?


what do you know about the role?

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Supporting bms in carrying out sampel analysis and diagnosis- supproting them theogu htesting set up preparation, lab maintenance, disposal of contaminated samples, processing and sample preparation for analysis Moins

Keen to learn more about this

Kaiser Permanente

Explain step by step of how you do blood culture?

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If you are prepare, you should know the answer!!

Blood Culture; Microbial test to find out bacteremia or septicaemia .it is done by culturing blood in thyoglycolate borth for upto 5 days of continuous evaluation for any bacterial growth Method of blood collection Venipuncture made at anticubetal fossa of the right or left hand.Before this clean the area with 70% isopropyl alcohol Procedure 10 ml of blood is inoculated in two or more bottles of thyoglycolate broth and incubated anaerobically and aerobicaly at 37degree Celcious(room Temperature) for upto 5 cosecutive days.Check each day for bacterial growth.Repot negative oonly after the 5th day Result if positive roprt to physician as bacteremia do gram stain for identificaion of the organism culture should be be done with slective media for 3 days and also do antsensitivity test in order to isolate the bacteria Moins

Very easy interview. She mostly just made sure I wanted the job and would stay a while.

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I ended up staying longer than I planned.

Health Services Laboratory

How many candies are in a jar? - explain how you would calculate it

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To estimate this, I would count the number of rows and the number of columns and multiply them together to get an estimated answer Moins

Health Services Laboratory

This job requires you to reach targets. Give an example where you had to reach certain targets?

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During my volunteering at NCS, my team and I were asked to produce a mental health awareness campaign so we decided to produce a video. We set ourselves the target of gaining 1K views. We all played a very important role in the process; my role was to identify shops that I could buy suitable props for the video on a budget which I was able to do, which was a financial target that was met. Once the video was posted, we gained 2.5K views and 35 shares on Facebook which I was very pleased with! Moins

Health Services Laboratory

What is the importance of SOP?

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Standard operating procedures are step by step instructions on how to conduct a certain procedure. They are important because they allow standardisation with laboratory techniques, therefore, this helps to reduce variation in results due to difference in techniques and also any errors that may occur from an incorrect method. Moins

Health Services Laboratory

If a doctor call the reception about why a sample is taking so long what would you do?

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call up the manager/supervisor or pass it to them as I am most likely unqualified to give an accurate answer. Moins

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