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Fairview International School
On a demandé à un Language Teacher...8 mars 2018

I can see the salary you expected is a bit high. Why do you think you deserve the salary?

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Yes I am still working but as part timer now.

I have a good number or years in experience and also bring along with me cooperative learning strategies that can aid learning. Moins

I bring with me years of experience and also cooperative learning strategies that can engage a diverse range of learners. Moins

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JET Program

Which American holiday would you choose to demonstrate a lesson for Japanese students?

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New Years, as it has parallels in their own culture. It could be a good topic for a compare and contrast essay or other writing assignment. Moins



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If a student has his or her head on the desk and not paying attention to the teacher, what would you do?

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Ensure the student to have comfortable and safe environment while coming into the class Engage the student in more creative and fun filled learning Moins

Get his/her attention by starting a group activity.

British Institutes

Where have you taught? Which course books have you used? What ages have you taught? Can you teach me something now?

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I don't remember now, but in any case, they're dependent on the experience you have! Moins

I have only taught biology and science to my juniors classes , nothing specific.


What would you do if you have a disagreement with the Japanese teacher about a particular issue in the lesson?

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I would explain my side in a polite and respectful manner but support the Japanese teacher’s decision anyway Moins

Depends on the teachers. The ones I’ve dealt with I tell them to go f**k them self Moins


Why do you want to work in Japan?

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Because there is more money in japan than in my country. And japan need us

I gave a nice professional answer about my goals for working for the company.


Why do you want to work in japan

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I loved the working culture

after the skype interview were you immediately scheduled for the training or did you wait? Moins

First Leap

What cities do you have a preference for? Oh, and by the way we have only openings in Beijing.

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Just curious what was the name of your recruiter?



They just ask about why do you want to work for Interac and make you do a 60 minute video.

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My advice would be to make sure you prepare for the video in advance don't show nerves and be calm. Moins

Maybe it was longer I can't remember at the time when I did it I was asked to upload a 60 second video, not 60 hours haha just a simplified self introduction, I messed up the video but I was only allowed 2 attempts at the time I had a really bad experience with the company Moins

Are you sure it was a 60 minute video? I am currently going through the same process (interview on 2/10/21). But my demo video was to be no more than 7 minutes long. Moins

Örebro Kommun

Do you have a degree?

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Yes and stated the degree.

Yes, I have a degree in teaching mathematics and physics (mag.educ.math. et phys.) Moins

Yes I have a higher Secondary Certificate

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