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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
On a demandé à un EPI Lead-Program Manager...21 mai 2021

My interviewer was focused to know if I was able to do all essential functions for this job: managerial functions, screening, liaison and escalation, self-training and training for team members, and conduct the main goal of this job

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I used the STAR technique to answer all questions.


Tell me a time when you have limited data to make a business decision?

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I used historical trends to support my findings to derived to a well defined answer Moins


What would be your 60 day plan?

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1. Meet with team and affirm and common understanding of the mission, and project goals moving forward 2. Start building relationships with stakeholders 3. Determine reporting standards/formatting (if not already in place) 4. Gain familiarity with applications/tools utilized by the team 5. Speak with resources across the area to see what their pain points are 6. Get to know the development team and their motivators Moins


What is your salary expectation?

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I am new to London, so just working out the cost of living, can you tell me what the pay scale is for this position in the company in London Moins

Blizzard Entertainment

Same basic PM questions

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High-level answers

Intel Corporation

What experience do you have running large scale complex improvement initiatives?

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I shared my experience in program managing a large transformation program, the challenges I ran into and how I addressed Moins

Healthcare IT Leaders

What was your biggest SI Project? (software integration)

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How many impacted users


Tell us about yourself. Provide more description of your experience using Lean Six Sigma process or project management skills.

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I described in detail what I was looking for in an opportunity and went through 2 recent projects that I used the Lean Six Sigma process. Moins


Asked to fill the form, I spent hours and described my experience and then shared as 4 page document.

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The day after receiving the news about the position, I was informed that it had been put on hold. This meant that the company had decided to pause the hiring process for the position, for reasons that were not immediately clear. The news of the hold on the position was disappointing, especially after the anticipation and excitement of being considered for the role. It also left me with unanswered questions, such as when the position would become available again, if at all, and whether there were any alternative positions that the company could consider me for. The hold on the position could be due to a variety of reasons, such as changes in the company's financial situation, internal restructuring, or a shift in business priorities. While the news was initially frustrating, it is important to remember that the hold may be temporary and that the company may revisit the position in the future. In the meantime, it may be worthwhile to continue networking and exploring other job opportunities, as it is unclear when the position may become available again. It may also be helpful to maintain communication with the company, as they may be able to provide updates on the status of the position or other opportunities that become available Moins

Healthcare IT Leaders

System integration vendor involved

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