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On a demandé à Lead Technical Writer...9 octobre 2015

why you want to join here?

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For a better growth prospectus

New joined

For good carrer...

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What ideas do you have for how we might tackle the problem of data integrity for our 5 million plus data points for restaurants and clubs.

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I didn't have a great response for this since I'd never thought about it. I wondered if they could employ a team of people to call for accuracy (which they already do). Moins

Really, ensuring data integrity is one component of IT security, risk identification and management, and compliance with established standards. That is an industry segment in itself, and far beyond the scope of a typical technical writer's duties. That being said, the more familiar a writer is with the concepts, the standards, the ruling/recommending entities, and IT audits, the more value he/she provides to the employer in being able to throw up a flag if something looks not quite right in terms of security. Moins


What would I do if given the task lead for the project?

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I was formerly a program project manager in Afghanistan for a different company so I had no problem answering the leadership question. The trick was that I was supposed to indicate I had no problem being a subordinate again. Which I deftly made clear to the Program Manager and have had no problem being a subordinate for over two years now. Moins


API documentation

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I have explained all the concepts.


In the past, how have you used data to drive your writing decisions?

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I described three or four cases in which I'd used qualitative data from focus groups I'd run to drive UX decisions on a mobile app, though I think the questioner was expecting an answer that focused more on the use of quantitative A/B-style data. Moins


Described the position; didn't ask many challenging questions

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Described my experience


How would you work with multiple agile teams at the same time?

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I was surprised that they have so many agile teams all working at the same time when they could clearly have one agile team and multiple epics. I guess they don't know how agile works... Moins

Cloud Lending Solutions

About my entire experience

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1. Write-up of more than 300 words, 2. Writing test , 3. Interview with Director, 4. Interview with HR, 5. Interview with US Management Moins

Action Target

Recommendations for handling current company issues.

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I laid out a complete plan of how to accomplish their goals, complete with roadmap and architecture of offroad solution. Moins


Describe your job expectations in Progress

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Have you ever worked on DITA? Share your experience.

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