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On a demandé à un Machine Learning Software Engineer...21 janvier 2010

Suppose you have a matrix of numbers. How can you easily compute the sum of any rectangle (i.e. a range [row_start, row_end, col_start, col_end]) of those numbers? How would you code this?

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Compute the sum of the rectangles, for all i,j, bounded by (i,j), (i,m), (n,j), (n,m), where (n,m) is the size of the matrix M. Call that sum s(i,j). You can calculate s(i,j) by dynamic programming: s(i,j) = M(i,j) + s(i+1,j) + s(i,j+1) - s(i+1,j+1). And the sum of any rectangle can be computed from s(i,j). Moins


The answer is already popular in computer vision fields!! It is called integral imaging. See this page Moins

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Have you ever had your code formally verified?

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What were the online coding questions like? Could you elaborate?

Object detection. Is that what yours was?

it is same as mine. Could you give me more details about the online coding? what algorithm did they test on object detection part? Moins

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

Did you implement text analytics?

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There are 10 stacks of 10 coins each. Each coin weighs 10 gms. However, one stack of coins is defective and each coin in that stack weights only 9 gms. What is the minimum number of weights you need to take to find which stack is defective? How?

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You can also apply a binary search. which will give you the answer minimum 3 and max 4 Moins

Can be done in 2 weights

Can be done in 2 weights.

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What are some of the projects that you have done?

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Do you mind to share what are the hard leetcode questions they asked during the interview? Moins

I dont think it's fair to share which question they asked. But the exact same question is on leetcode and the difficulty level is hard. Moins

What topic you are being ask from in leetcode? also did they ask you system design and CS fundamentals. Moins

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Give an image, when we take 2 sub images from it, calculate the ratio similar to AnB/AuB.

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Coded in python but wasn't able to finish it

Can you elaborate on the question

Given a matrix and coordinates of 2 rectangles calculate the weighted IoU in linear/constant time. Moins

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Bajaj Finance

Why do you want to join Bajaj even though you are in a very good profile right now?

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Probability, conventional machine learning, deep learning, coding/algorithm, behavioral

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I was good with most of the questions

Can you share what they asked in the coding round?


how to sort in O(Logn) time

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I don't think you can sort in O(logn) because you will need to go through the whole data at least once, making it O(n). Indeed, you can do it in O(logn) if the data is guarantee with some specific constrain or relationship. I think the best you can sort a completely random data is O(nlogn). Moins

I didn't come up with the answer. it is not difficult, just not prepared

what is the question


Design round: Design an api rate limiter Coding round: simple manipulation of arrays and maps Craft round: Design an ML Labelling system

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APi rate limiter was really simple, just look at uber/ratelimit on git and thats it. Rest was farily easy Moins

There will be many documents in a document database. The labelling system must use machine learning to label into different categories. Eg help desk, system document, technical. There will a small train dataset available but not entirely reliable. Moins

The correct answer would be to use a combination of weak learning methods and gradually incorporate feedback and make it stronger Moins

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