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On a demandé à un Legal Counsel...13 mai 2022

Are you familiar about UAE laws

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Yeah I do definitely


Yes it’s my work since 2016

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Why do you want to move in-house?

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Was that really your answer? Move in house means in house legal counsel role, NOT house Moins

Yes i want to move in house but my job is done then i am move to house

What you don't like in the working environment?

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I answered: micro manangement and lack of respect. Owner's answer: we have no issues here. Guess what I experienced working there? Moins

I'm afraid the owner's response does note refer to me. I have no kids at a school age so... Moins


I didn't make it to the interview, because they were looking for Native English Speakers who had followed a Bachelors of Laws in English.

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We needed a native English speaker who has studied a bachelor of laws at a university where English is the language of instruction because the employee would be required to carefully draft, construe, interpret and negotiate contracts (and case law and legislation in English). These contracts are in English and are typically governed by US, UK, Canadian, Australia, NZ law, therefore rendering knowledge of the law in one or more of these jurisdictions necessary. Additionally, the language and qualification requirements were not the only criteria by which we assessed our applicants, we also looked at recent and relevant experience within the areas of IT and cloud computing law, IP, Data Security Law, European Union Law amongst other relevant areas. Moins

I speak English quite fluently and I had an internship in Hong Kong at an international law firm. I followed the lecture English Legal Terminology and my Master Thesis was written in English. HR did not really explained why they were looking for an English Native speaker and why speaking English fluently was not sufficient enough. Moins

Multi-Development and Construction Corp

why do you want to work with us?

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the field is interesting

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Academic qualification

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By explaining my curriculum vitae

experience ?

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in accordance with c.v

Dulwich College International

Asked one of the interviewers how would she describe the working styles of the directors. She answers “the chairman is very needy”, followed by that another board member is “skinny but very nice”...

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After receiving these answers I didn’t think any further questions were necessary with the interviewer. Moins

Dulwich College International

What’s your view on working overtime on a consistent basis?

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When asked back what’s the usual hours kept, the answer was 8/9am start and 8pm finish. Moins

What is "pravovaya proverka", haha (Russian for "due diligence" used in legal consulting).

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If you say it's legal audit of the company, you are wrong. It's a "legal review of the documents of the company for ". Moins

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