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Everlan By Dominion
On a demandé à un Life Enrichment Director...21 mars 2022

What made me want to work with seniors?

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I have always loved the senior population and enjoyed listening to their stories and history of their past. Moins

Aegis Living

What new ideas could I bring to the community?

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I had a list of new refreshing activities

American House Senior Living

Why do you want this job?

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This positywl allow me to use my creativity to enhance the life and wellbeing of others, assist in making the community welcoming to newcomers and help enrich my own life in the process. Moins

Trilogy Health Services

What skills could I bring from previous experience?

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Highlighted previous job responsibilities that matched closely with the job description. Moins

Brookdale Senior Living

What some of my ideas were for engaging activities

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I miss working and helping people. I can also fill in as a nursing assistant or a phlebotomist. I will help in any way you need me. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company. Please let me know when you need me to start. Moins

Independence Village

To create an a mock activity calendar.

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I explained my current role and responsibilities and how they matched what they are looking for. The recruiter was very kind and knowledgeable about the company and position. When she did not know an answer, she said she could find out for me. Moins

American House Senior Living

How do you keep residents involved that don't like to come to the regular scheduled activities?

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I meet with them one on one to get to know them, I listen to their stories, taking notice to their hobbies, past jobs, crafts or interests around their rooms and try to find special projects that they can do to be helpful around the community. There are a lot of residents that like to participate and be helpful, just not in a group setting. You just need to spend a little time with them to find out what they like. Moins

ALG Senior

Why do you want to work for Affinity?

Common Sail Investment Group

Tell me about your experience

Independence Village

Why am I interested in the position?

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