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Business case: our client has multiple products in the cardiovascular industry, including a catheter set that can be sold in separate packaging (Catheter, valve, tubes...) or in a single packaging (pre-assemble catheter, valve, tubes). On the US market, the client is selling 50% of fully assemble product, where as only 2-3 % in Europe. Knowing that the margin on the assemble catheter set is 60% and that the margin for separate parts are 49%, the client wants to find-out why such difference of sells shares and want to get recommendations ?

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Key Factors to find-out: The purchasing of the devices in US is done by the director of the hospital and the healthcare system is private. On the other end, the purchasing is done mainly by the doctors/nurses in EU and the healthcare system is Public. Take out from these key points: The director is interested in minimising the risk of infection (lower risk of contamination by manipulation if the devices are already assembled) because that would lead to law suits (extra expenses), bad reputation (lower patients) and has no problem with the price as it will be transferred to the patient's bill. On the other end, the European doctor is interested in saving cost (10-20% to go for separate component) because they are reimbursed with a fix amount (what ever devices used, it only depend on the disease diagnosed). They are also not concerned by law suites has it almost never happen in EU. Recommendations: Our client should support studies quantifying the saving that could be done by EU hospitals if using assembled catheter (less infections leads to less complications with mean savings) and also trained nurses to use the assembled product (not used to this product but they need to get familiar)

Market sizing for a vaccine made by an Italian company for the Italian market. The target is a disease that you can catch while traveling in hot countries through mosquito bites. Question number one: Can you assess the market size for Italian traveling abroad? Question number two: what about the Italian not traveling (If a patient is sick and back home, Italian mosquito can actually cary the disease to other Italian) can you assess the market size of this segment ? (conclude that you should focus on Italian traveler as the market is much bigger) Question number three (Qualitative only): How would you set the price of the vaccine ? Question number 4: What is the potential revenues of such product?

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