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Philadelphia Youth Network
On a demandé à un Teen Literacy Coach...1 octobre 2014

"What qualities can you provide that others can't?"

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Some Qualities that I can provide that others can’t is Patience , Hard work , and Time Management . Other people aren’t as motivated as me when it comes to Jobs in general , it could be something simple like washing dishes . I put my all into it even when it’s something that I’m not good at or If it’s something that I simply don’t want to do . Moins

I honestly botched up this question. I just said that I was a dedicated worker and that I have had many years of experience dealing with children since I babysat my cousins a lot. My interviewer furrowed her eyebrows when I said that so I don't think that was a great response on my part. Moins

Newark Public Schools

why do I want to work for NPS, how have my previous positions prepared me for this position, how do I handle resistant teachers?

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Written question: how can you help teachers use data to inform planning and instruction? Moins

Indianapolis Public Schools

I was this radio perdsonality called_____ ______. Have you ever heard of me?

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I said that no, I hadn't.

Buffalo Public Schools

I am not allowed to respond to this prompt due to confidentiality.

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Again, not allowed to divulge.

Baltimore City Public School System

How would you assist a struggling new teacher through mentorship.


What do you know about jumpstart / bright from the start?


How do you feel about working remotely ?


Why lightsail?

New York City Department of Education

Experience , background, and curriculum.

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