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Reading Partners
On a demandé à un Literacy Tutor...13 février 2016

Why do you want to work for Reading Partners?

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Tutoring reading individually to elementary students is one of my biggest skills and I am very passionate about educating kids from low income backgrounds. Reading Partners is an excellent opportunity to do that Moins

I spent over 10 years tutoring elementary school students individually in math and reading which I consider one of my strongest skills. I have always been passionate about education especially with underserved students. For both these reasons Reading Partners is the right place for me to be a part of the process to educate underserved kids Moins

Philadelphia Youth Network

"What qualities can you provide that others can't?"

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Some Qualities that I can provide that others can’t is Patience , Hard work , and Time Management . Other people aren’t as motivated as me when it comes to Jobs in general , it could be something simple like washing dishes . I put my all into it even when it’s something that I’m not good at or If it’s something that I simply don’t want to do . Moins

I honestly botched up this question. I just said that I was a dedicated worker and that I have had many years of experience dealing with children since I babysat my cousins a lot. My interviewer furrowed her eyebrows when I said that so I don't think that was a great response on my part. Moins


What is your experience working with children?

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I worked at a summer camp, K-5, all throughout high school.

I have been working with kids since 2008. I did state funded tutoring to kids one on one, after school educator and in class small group instructor nearly 3 years Moins

Kamehameha Schools

They asked me to describe a situation where I struggled.

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I shared how difficult it was adjusting to the environment in Brooklyn and how similar and different the students' were. Moins

The Literacy Lab

Many questions related to ability to manage living on the stipend - to be honest, it's a good thing that they stress this so heavily in the interview because this job pays at the poverty line.

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I am from the DC area originally and have family in the area for emergencies. (I did not mention this in the interview, but I would not recommend relocating for this job because of the low pay - you really do need to be familiar with the area to find housing that is affordable, understand what the commute will be like, etc.) Moins

Newark Public Schools

why do I want to work for NPS, how have my previous positions prepared me for this position, how do I handle resistant teachers?

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Written question: how can you help teachers use data to inform planning and instruction? Moins


What is your opinion of young children? Do you have experience working with children? Are you able to complete required training?

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Kids are fun, brutally honest and I had worked with them previously. Yes, I was able to complete the training. Moins

New York Public Library

What would you do if left alone with the kids to teach?

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I said I'd get to know them and create a new activity.

Reading Partners

Which 3 positions interested you the most?

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Listed the 3 I preferred in order of IMPORTANCE!

Minnesota Reading Corps

What place does reading have in my life?

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I was able to answer it quite honestly, that reading is my love and passion, and something I've done since a small child. Moins

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