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On a demandé à un Litigation Paralegal...22 juillet 2017

Tell me some time that you got blamed for something that you didn't do and how you reacted.

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That's funny they asked that. I worked there and know the boss to blame everyone for his mistakes routinely. Moins

I just explained working at a previous job it which I had to sometimes work on items that someone started incorrectly Moins

The Lanier Law Firm

Do you enjoy doing monotonous work?

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Not really.

Obviously yes. Adventure? Excitement? A paralegal seeks not these things. And yes, I will take a lower salary than my education and experience dictate. Moins


What attracted you to Lyft?

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With Lyft, being my own boss and being able to work whenever I chose really appealed to me. The idea that I was able to work and make as much money as I wanted was a huge plus. Moins

With Lyft, being my own boss and being able to work whenever I chose really appealed to me. The idea that I was able to work and make as much money as I wanted was a huge plus. Moins


The questions were straightforward and to the point. The manager led the questioning, as was her privilege.

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Any tips on what a resume should look like to even be considered? Please do tell...thank u in advance Moins

I answered them directly to the point of her questions, as briefly as possible, while always trying to incorporate a specific part of my work history into my answers as possible. I believe you are supposed to approach the questions that way, as it saves everyone's time and proves that you are not prevaricating. Moins

Marinosci Law Group

nothing out of the norm

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just answer questions on their little pop quiz correctly and your in

She looks CRAZY because she is CRAZY! She is a crazy lunatic! But so is the other one just above her! Very volatile environment! Be lucky you did not get the job! She showed her true colors from the beginning and it only gets worse once you get inside! Moins

My favorite question was whether I am intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. They are genuinely interested in whether you want to help people or just get a paycheck. Very impressed by their focus on helping clients.

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I believe you should be both. I am more intrinsically motivated because that is why I do personal injury law to help people recover and make it after serious injury, but extrinsically motivation can also make you want to work harder to benefit your client and yourself. Moins

How many days before the sale date is a Defendant allowed to contest it?

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"Well, the judge usually orders the sale date 60 days from the date of ordering a sale date, so . . . 10 days before the sale date." What I was really thinking was the right of redemption. My mind then thought back to contesting a motion for summary judgment by filing a response 10 days before the hearing. I also thought of contesting the day of the foreclosure hearing, but since the question involved how many 'days' before the sale date, I defaulted to 10 days like a dummy. Moins

Was I a certified paralegal.

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That I was. I presented my credentials.

St. Charles County, Missouri

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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Arnstein & Lehr

Why do you want to work here?

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I want to pursue an opportunity at a firm that has a solid reputation,

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