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IndiGo Airlines
On a demandé à un Material Planning Logistics Engineer...27 février 2021

Why should we select you ?

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Told about my qualities

I am interested for job

Kenco Group

Tell me about your past...

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I gave the summary of my past work experience.

Northrop Grumman

What makes you such a valuable asset for this company

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How long after the in-person interview did you receive the job offer?

Northrop Grumman

nothing unusual or difficult

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How long after the in-person interview did you receive the job offer?

When asked me: If I would register the company in the U.S., although it came with a special visa regulations would disregard the immigration status and lack of knowledge of where to go and whom to do it.

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I expressed my interest in doing, however I should know the legal framework in my migration process, by way of ensuring order and implications. Moins

CSU Industries

I was asked to create a pivot table which would organize locations and systems that were being supported.

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I created the table efficiently.

J.B. Hunt Transport

What was your favorite class?

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Explained which courses I liked and why.

Affordable Engineering Services

I do not recall any difficult or unexpected questions.

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Note: This is not standard, but the company offices are a long distance from the work location. Moins

Textron Systems

Direct experience questions pertaining to what I have done and how it applies to the role.

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Know your resume and your experiences backward and forward (easier said than done), and then be able to speak to it clearly and concisely. Moins


They tested my skills.

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I did the scenario.

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