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What project management tools did you use in the past. I wasn't expecting that question because the person's requirement stated that they were looking for people without prior experience in PM.

General project management competency questions - lifecycle of a project? General questions - Why have you applied for this role? What attributes make you the right person for this role? Anything else you would like to add - 2 mins

Tell me when you demonstrated customer service. Tell me about the position you applied for. Tell me about a time when you had to deliver bad news to a customer. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Motivational questions: 1) Why do you want to work for Arup/ What specifically attracts you in Arup? 2) What makes us different from our competitors? 3) How do you think this position will help you? 4) What associates with Arup's values/How do you get influenced by these values? 5) (The graduate scheme was open in two locations in UK and I had to tell during the application process which one is my 1st and which one is my 2nd preference) Why did you rank the locations like this and not the other way around? Scenario-based questions: 1) You work on a very interesting project and you learn a lot there. Your manager asks you to quit this one and be relocated in another team which works on smaller projects and needs support. How would you react to this? -What information would you ask for the new projects -Where would you get them from -What do you want to achieve by the end of these projects 2) You have a heavy workload because you already work on many tasks and your manager asks you to work on one more. What would you do? -How would you prioritize your work -How would you ensure high work quality 3) You work on a project with a senior colleague of yours. One hour before the deadline you are still working on your tasks and realize that your colleague struggles with his workload. What would you do? -How would you approach him? -How do you think he would react? -What skills do you bring in this case? -Why are team skills important to you?

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